Studi Tizianeschi II

Various authors
Silvana Editoriale
Year 2004
Pages 79

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The second issue of the Studi tizianeschi (Silvana Editoriale) contains speeches and studies on Titian published during the past months, including Augusto Gentili’s review of the Prado exhibit, the 2003 summer event.

Bernard Aikema, Chairman of the Foundation’s scientific committee, contributes several items regarding the most recent studies and publications on Titian, as well as on the restored Venus of Urbino, while on display in Brussels for the series of cultural events organised for the semester of Italian Chairmanship at the European Council.

The relationship between Titian and Zuccaro is subject of analysis by the director of the periodical, W. R. Rearick.

The articles on the painter’s fortune in France are of considerable interest, as are those on the painting of the Magdalene (by Linda Borean) and on his draftsmanship (by Gert van der Sman); Gregor Weber announces an unseen masterpiece by Polidoro di Lanciano in Dresden, and Rosella Lauber covers the so-called “Bravo of Vienna”, while Michele di Monte provides a critical review of the articles on Titian that appeared last year in specialized periodicals.