Titian’s birthplace


His house , which is typical of Cadore construction, has two stories above ground connected by a stairway situated on the main façade that leads out onto the long walkway on the first floor. The walls are made of stone and plaster, while the structure of the roof is made of spruce with laths in larch, called “scandolette”.

Palace of the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore

The palazzo is today the seat of a moral entity represented by the twenty-two Cadore municipalities. Justice was once administered here and the interests of the Cadore area seen to. The initial wall structure dates back to the 15th century, but has been rebuilt and restored several times. The wooden ceilings deserve mention, as do the artworks and the Historic Archive.

Cadore Archeological Museum


Archeological findings from Lagole di Calalzo, Domegge and Valle di Cadore are displayed on the second floor of the Palazzo of the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore. They are the result of excavation campaigns led by the Superintendent of Archeological Heritage for the Veneto region.

House of Titian, “the Orator”

The House of Titian, also known as “the Orator”, is a building dating back to the mid-16th century with compact volume and covered by a two-layered roof. It is home to the Titian Library.

The Eyeglass Museum

The Eyeglass Museum makes it possible to trace the industrial history of the Belluno district from the end of the 19th century. It also houses the splendid Bodart and Weiss collections, which illuminate the historical and cultural development of eyewear.

Forte di Monte Ricco

The foundation “Centro Studi Tiziano e Cadore” and the “Eyeglass museum” foundation Onlus in partership with Dolomiti Contemporanee invites you at Forte di Monte Ricco, from the 20th of may (Pics by:  Giacomo De Donà)

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