The Foundation 

The “Fondazione Centro Studi Tiziano e Cadore” (The Foundation for the Study of Titian and Cadore), established on the initiative of the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore, promotes research on the life and work of the noted Renaissance painter under the leadership of an international scientific council.

The projects, with both local and European magnitude, seek through their themes and methods to contribute new and enriching studies on Titian through clarifying issues of attribution as well as looking at the organization of his workshop, which was responsible for a large amount of the work commissioned from the artist.

The Foundation’s studies do not limit themselves to art-related themes, but also aim to investigate and explore the history and culture of the Cadore area, both in its more specific and general aspects, from the past to the present.

The Foundation, therefore, promotes the study of Titian and his works as well as the far-reaching artistic influence of his style not only within the Cadore area but throughout Italy and Europe. While promoting research projects and noteworthy cultural events, the Foundation remains a non-profit institution, which cannot issue declarations of authenticity or “expertise” on works of art for financial or commercial purposes.

The institution promotes conferences and conventions and organizes cultural tours to visit collections of Titian’s work.

The Centro Studi is home to the fine Titian Library, whose holdings are continually expanding, making it an important research facility for scholars, enthusiasts and members of the general public, who wish to expand their knowledge of Titian and his works.

All projects are possible thanks to funds from public and private institutions, as well as from membership fees and bequests from private donors.