Studi Tizianeschi XIII

Various authors
Zel Edizioni
Year 2024
Pages 150

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The thirteenth issue of “Studi Tizianeschi,” “Titian Studies,” opens with three essays which, in the diversity of their topics, reflect the hope expressed in the annual’s title, indicative of a wide range of research and disciplinary breadth.

Nicole de Manincor, winner of the recent Gemma Donata Nicolosi Prize, with her “New Insights and Considerations on the two Emo Capodilista Panels by Titian in Padua, “offers a convincing hypothesis regarding the original use of The Myth of Adonis and The Myth of Erysichth, the Cadorian artist’s debut panels, preserved at the Musei Civici agli Eremitani in Padua, either as a frieze in a room or, perhaps, a study, rather than as frontal panels of chests, as generally assumed. Based on coherent key interpretative arguments and the results of recent diagnostic analyses, the text ends with the suggestion of an unpublished third panel of similar dimensions attributed to the Titianesque circle.

In addition, a “precocious, constant, and progressive genius, ”Antonio Morassi’s Titian” by Camilla Traldi, presents a selection of material from the great art historian’s archive, preserved at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, a valuable aid to reconstructing the intellectual relationship between Morassi and Titian, the subject of study which seems to have absorbed him from his formative years to the end of his life.

Letizia Lonzi and Antonio Genova return us to the patrons of the altars of the Vecellio family in the ancient Archidiaconal Church of Pieve di Cadore, beginning with Graziano and the noble chapel that houses Titian’s recently restored votive painting, expanding their investigations through careful study of documents and genealogical trees, to the branch of the Vecellio di Pieve family nicknamed Zamberlan, with some digressions to include the painters Antonio Rosso and Zaccaria da Pieve.

If Number XII was focused on the conference events of “Titian and his. A project, a perspective (Belluno, 2022),” place is given here to those of the study day, “The Birthplace of Titian: yesterday, today and tomorrow,” organised by the Magnifica Communita di Cadore and held in Pieve di Cadore on December 17, 2022, on the centenary of the declaration of the building as a National Monument.

Additionally, published here is the contribution of Letizia Lonzi and Antonio Genova on the history of Titian’s family home, which escaped the devastations and reprisals of the Cambrian wars and subsequent conflicts. It is a typical house of a lineaged local family. There is also the study on the restoration works carried out in the early decades of the twentieth century with detailed documentary and iconographic research from the archives of the Superintendence, edited by Viviana Ferrario, Angela Squassina, Mauro Marzo, Nicola Badan, and Davide Zanon from the IUAV of Venice.

Completing this issue are reviews of two publications on Bosch and Charles Hope’s essential volumes on Titian sources and documents, as well as reviews of exhibitions dedicated to Carpaccio (Washington, National Gallery of Art / Venice, Palazzo Ducale), Titian (Venice, Gallerie dell’Accademia), Paris Bordon (Treviso, Museo Santa Caterina), El Greco (Milan, Palazzo Reale). In conclusion, it is evident from analysis of the exhibition on Rubens at the Galleria Borghese in Rome, that the Flemish artist’s mind was “still and always” focussed on Titian.

At the time of going to press, with the sad news of the death of Antonio Paolucci, an extraordinary figure in art history, a superintendent, and a minister, it seemed fitting and proper to pay him a heartfelt tribute.


Stefania Mason

Notizie dal centro studi
Maria Giovanna Coletti, Stefania Mason

Nuove luci e considerazioni sulle due tavole
Emo Capodilista di Tiziano a Padova
Nicole de Manincor

Gli altari dei Vecellio nell’antica Arcidiaconale di Pieve di Cadore.
I (Vecellio) Zamberlan e i pittori Antonio Rosso e Zaccaria
Letizia Lonzi, Antonio Genova

Un «genio precoce, costante e progressivo»: il Tiziano di Antonio Morassi
Camilla Traldi 

Letizia Lonzi

Vicende della casa Vecellio attraverso fonti e personaggi.
Tra ampliamenti, riduzioni, residenti illustri, affittuari popolari e viaggiatori curiosi
Letizia Lonzi, Antonio Genova

Il restauro novecentesco della casa di Tiziano a Pieve di Cadore:
analisi documentale e letture dirette
Angela Squassina, Viviana Ferrario, Mauro Marzo, Nicola Badan, Davide Zanon 

Recensioni – libri
Charles Hope
Titian. Sources and Documents
Bernard Aikema 

Recensioni – libri – mostre
Bosch e l’altro Rinascimento,
a cura di Bernard Aikema e Fernando Checa Cremades
Giorgio Tagliaferro

Recensioni – mostre
Vittore Carpaccio. Master Storyteller of Renaissance Venice
James R. Jewitt 

Tiziano 1508. Agli esordi di una luminosa carriera
Christophe Brouard

Paris Bordon 1500-1571. Pittore divino
Benjamin Couilleaux

El Greco. Un pittore nel labirinto
Enrico Maria Dal Pozzolo 

Il tocco di Pigmaglione. Rubens e la scultura a Roma
Claudio Strinati 

Premio Gemma Donata Nicolosi Dal Pozzolo

Antonio Paolucci (1939-2024), ricordo di un soprintendente-ministro
Luca Brignoli 

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