Studi Tizianeschi XI

Various authors
Zel Edizioni
Year 2021
Pages 128

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The 11th issue of Studi Tizianeschi follows the now customary sequence with original essays, the presentation of unpublished titianesque documents, book reviews and other texts, and a review of an exhibition. Starting from this year, a good news is the publication of two scientific articles by young scholars – under 35 years old -, winners of the annual award established by the Dal Pozzolo family in memory of Mrs. Gemma Donata Nicolosi. Thus, Ilenia Pittui offers the results of an in-depth research of Titian’s “Islamic” portraits, while Guglielmo De Santiss rather substantial and ambitious article returns to the great theme of the poesie, proposing to see in these works the conclusion of an exquisitely anthropocentric artistic tradition. The most noteworthy writing of this issue is the backstage view by Thomas Dalla Costa, formerly Harry M. Weinrebe Curatorial Fellow at the National Gallery in London, of the exhibition on Titian’s  “poesie(Titian. Love, Desire, Death), an undertaking in which the scholar was directly involved alongside the curator, Matthias Wivel.

In the section dedicated to archival and documentary researches, Sofia Gullino, another young scholar, deals with an episode in the long-lasting relationship between Titian and the Spanish crown, marked by the intervention of the Genoese Agostino Doria. The reviews section contains two discussions of recent volumes on themes pertinent to Titian and the Venetian sixteenth century art, as well as Michele di Montes usual overview on some of the most significant titianesque publications issued in the last two years. Finally, the volume is concluded by a review of the Lorenzo Lotto portrait exhibition, held in Madrid and London between 2018 and 2019, signed by Henry Kaap.


7 Premessa

8 Notizie dal Centro Studi

11 Tiziano. Ritratti d’Islam – Ilenia Pittui

 37 Le poesie di Tiziano in mostra a Londra: riflessioni e valutazioni ex-post – Thomas Dalla Costa

65 La morte dell’allegoria? Le poesie e la nuova immagine del mito di Tiziano – Guglielmo De Santis

65 Documenti tizianeschi

 104 Fra arte e finanza: Agostino Doria mediatore fra Tiziano e la corona spagnola – Sofia Gullino

Recensioni – libri

 112 Maria H. Loh Titian’s Touch. Art, Magic and Philiosophy – Bernard Aikema

 113 Costanza Barbieri (a cura di) Dall’iconologia al Gender. Giornata di studi in onore di Rona Goffen – Raffaella Poltronieri

 116 Studi Tizianeschi 2019-2020 – Tiziano alla mano – Michele Di Monte

Recensioni – mostre

 121 Lorenzo Lotto. Retrados / Lorenzo Lotto. Portraits – Henry Kaap

 125 Gli autori

 127 Referenze fotografiche